Tech Savvy Girls at TDI Williston

TDI (Talent Development Institute) sponsored by The Green Mountain Center for Gifted Education sponsored a Tech Savvy Girls session this year at their summer program in Williston. This talented group of young ladies participated in activities that increased their skills and confidence with technology and explored the role of technology in the lives of girls. By the end of the week they had used their new skills to produce a Tech Savvy Girls Podcast Series called "Are You For Real". Check out their podcast episodes

They leave the week with new confidence, new skills, and a CD of Free Software to explore to continue discovering new technologies. They can also stay in touch with Tech Savvy Girls by participating in the Tech Savvy Girls Online Network where they will receive notices of upcoming Tech Savvy Girls activities, including online activities such as Tech Savvy Girls Chat Times.

Also, don't forget to check out the the Tech Savvy Girls Tech Tools Section which will feature Tech Savvy Girls T-Shirts, stickers, and thumbdrives, free or discounted software, and more.